Healer or Priest: Gyðja or Berendr?

People sometimes ask how “I” do what “I” do. I am amused when people ask this. I don’t mean t be rude to them when I tell patients that it is not I who have helped them. What I am is only a priest, a Goði (priestess: Gyðja). I ask the Powers to help people and They do!

Sometimes, when I am facing, with the patient(s), a health crisis that I have not encountered previously, I do the simplest thing: I pray. I knew, when the lady who’s wrote the testimonial as “Diana Ross” (I guess she likes that artist..) brought her granddaughter to me with the often fatal respiratory condition, RSV, that the lungs and their lining had already seaparated, bronchiolitis. I Saw that this child was very sick and that the additional breathing treatmetns would have little value to this two month old in her battle for life, so I prayed to Frigga, our Mother Goddess, Patroness of Children, and to Freyja, Goddess of Healing and Magic. She downloaded to me a procedure which I had never done previously. I felt that someone had taken over my body and was directing me as I told the adults present what we were doing.

While we do receive many years of training to become Tietajar or Vitkar, this case reminded me to always be humble, that my power is only a small circuit which can work best to conduct Their immense Power, the Power of Asgard and Vanaheim to help the sick and broken of us here in Middle Earth.