Healing with the PMD

It is always good to hear from Brind-Gen (BG) owners. Calli, a hard-working energy healing practitioner, wife of a busy exec, & mother of three young boys, fell on her right knee while carrying a heavy box a few months ago. Salves & anti-inflammatory agents provided only temporary relief. She had bought one of the new PMD’s (Personal Meditation Devices) that are to be head-worn. This is the newest formula and, even without a magnetic element (it’s available either way), only a few sessions of reading a book, elevating the knee, & wearing the PMD’s on it permanently fixed the injury. Now, we can’t recommend that anyone put a set on a sore wrist, shoulder, or knee, but a lot of users do just that.


Our intent in all BG devices is to flood the space between the two ear pods with negative ions, which are very good for fighting inflammation. They produce waves of ‘life force’, which, whether you know it as sisu, prana, or chi, is recognized by all indigenous healing and spiritual systems, including those of Northern Europe. This force field, it is proposed, causes the body to repair itself to some degree. This theory has not been evaluated by the FDA & the technology is not owned by Big Pharma or the equally big Medical Device Industry, so, if you hit your knee really hard & it ‘clicks’ when you walk and hurts constantly, rush to your nearest allopath for x-rays or whatever else that provider recommends. We are excited to share with you this owners experience.