Tietajar Shamanic Healing Services

I am a priest. In that sense, I never really ‘do healings.” The Gods and Goddesses, whether Meilikki or Freyja, Heimdall, or Frigga, all step forward to help ease the suffering of mankind. We, of the Godard, are simply, to a disease or injury process like a forward air/Artillery observer is to a military unit; we call in the strikes, or the restorative process. It may come through us, but it is not of us, but of Them. 

I view every patient as a battle for his or her better functioning, release from suffering, and for that person’s being able to lead a more satisfying and productive life. Through the energetic healing process, I have over the years helped hundreds in just this way.

I can only help to resolve a condition or situation if you, the querant, want it resolved, if your Will aligns with mine and Theirs, much we can do toward your wellness. I am not here to force changes or improvements in condition on you. As an example, a person who wants out of the prison of addiction, whether it is to food, a substance, tobacco, gaming, or sex addiction, I can help him or her break free from it and make it sustainable. This can only happen if that is what the person really wants, not just a more comfortable way to continue as an addict, or seeing me to placate a spouse, physician who recommended me, or a probation officer. If it comes from you, we can achieve a lot together, with Their help.

I am here to help make a positive impact in your experience. I try to resolve whatever issues or challenges you face as quickly and cost effectively as possible, so I do not sell ‘packages’ of sessions- that is a business model, not a helping model. I want you well and not needing my services as quickly as we can achieve this for you

You will not experience anything bizarre here. I will be Working with your subtle bodies, the energetic bodies which, we recognize, underlie the physical body. When we correct deficiencies or remove obstacles to wellness in these bodies, the healing effect is generated in the physical body. It is not mysterious. It is the basis of all faith healing. 

To schedule a healing session, please call 256-326-0011 or fill out the form below.